Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Inspiration

My family met Chris at the Church Office Buildings eight years ago, and we all shared stories of our international travels and of Texas, us having just moved from there and he served his mission there. He took special interest in my blood disorder, and when I personally connected with him years later, it was the first thing he asked about, stating he had thought about it often and was concerned. I was always impressed how mindful he was with others and their needs, always willing to help, wanting to help—a true helper in willing service of others.

Something my family always remembers him by is the sketch of Joseph Smith he gave us that has hung above our piano for seven years.

I was always grateful for his friendship and for his openness to discuss anything, no matter how personal. He was always encouraging of my creative pursuits and, in turn, served as inspiration for many of my projects. He became my dearest friend, as he knew what it meant to be a true friend. He truly changed my life, having often looked to him as an example.

He will be greatly missed by many, as I know his circle of influence was great. Till we meet again, Chris, thank you.

Jonathan Inman

Monday, March 26, 2012

Message for memorial blog

I first met Chris about 22 years ago when the two of us worked together in Exploring. We had a great time planning events and training other Explorer Scouts on how to be successful leaders. We became immediate friends. We took that friendship beyond Scouting and spent a lot of time together.

I count Chris as one of my dearest and most sincere friends. He was like a brother to me and my siblings and another son to my parents.

When I heard of the passing of Chris this week, I couldn't help but become emotional. I valued his friendship, his example of service, his love of all men, and his testimony of Jesus Christ.

I'm thankful to my "little buddy" for all that he did to help me be a better person. Our family will miss Chris. Our thoughts are with the Beers family during this difficult time. May the Lord bless you.

Bryan Packer

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I was deeply saddened to learn of Chris' passing. I worked for years in the Translation Department of the Church, and Chris helped me arrange travel to unusual places on many occasions. Always with a smile, always with courtesy and friendliness, and always with great efficiency. My sincerest condolences to those whom he has left behind.
Christopher C. DeSantis
Payson, UT

Memories of Chris Beers

To all those who love Chris Beers:

I am Max Molgard. I first became acquainted with Chris at the Taylorsville Institute. I was an instructor and advisor to the Institute Council when Chris served as the Council President. That began a wonderful friendship with an incredibly outstanding young man. I was saddened to hear of Chris’ passing. I for one will miss his smile, energy, and great sense of humor, but most importantly, his compassionate love for people.

The last few days I have been thinking about Chris a lot as I am sure you all have. My first thought was my last visit with him when I ran into him at the University of Utah Hospital. As usual he made me smile and made me feel like I was one of the most important persons in the world. I have thought about all the times he made me laugh with his impersonations. I have thought about the many conversations we had concerning people Chris was concerned about and how he might help. I have witnessed and been a recipient of his compassion and generosity. I found I had to be careful mentioning something I liked around him. One day he was sporting a brand new pair of tennis shoes which I said I really liked. A few days later he showed up at my office with the exact brand of shoes as a gift to me. I was insistent that he return them and he was even more insistent that I was to have them. You all know who won that battle. One of the rooms in our home has three wonderfully framed pictures that were gifts from Chris to me at various times. Those are just a few of many examples of Chris’ compassion and generosity.

There will certainly be a void in my mortal life not having Chris here. I just want everyone to know that I am a better man for having been given the privilege of being able to have Chris as a friend and brother.

I certainly hope for and hold on to the great promise found in the Doctrine and Covenants: ”When the Savior shall appear we shall see him as he is. We shall see that he is a man like ourselves. And that same sociality which exists among us here will exist among us there, only it will be coupled with eternal glory, which glory we do not now enjoy” (D&C 130:1-2‎)‎.

Max H. Molgard

Memories of Chris

My husband and I moved into our first apartment shortly before Chris moved to the building. He lived next door to us. Throughout my years of school at the U, and my time as a nurse since then, I enjoyed seeing him around the neighborhood and the hospital. He was always friendly and willing to help. One night we heard the sound of a car accident on the street above us. We looked out our back window then ran to the door, but before we even got there Chris had gotten outside and run up the street. He was one of the first ones to get to the accident site and call for help. After that my husband and I always commented that he was the kind of guy everyone wants to know and live by--the first to be there when help is really needed. We moved away just a year ago. It is sad to hear of his passing. Our prayers are with his loved ones.

Angie Gray

A great teammate

I played football with Chris Beers in high school and knew him to be a great teammate. One of the biggest compliments I could give to Chris is the memory that he smiled through the good and the bad. I remember Chris for treating everyone as equals with a kindness and sensitivity that wasn't common place amongst youthful high school students. A man with a big heart that knew no short-cuts. In football, he came to every practice and every game with a positive attitude and willingness to make any contribution possible. His family should be proud of the man that made a difference in others lives.

Spencer D. Plummer

Chris was awesome.

I worked EFY with Chris the summer of '96 and remember his smile, his humor, and his talent for impersonations. I particularly liked his Neal A. Maxwell. His joy was infectious. I just remember him as a bright ray of sunshine, and it sounds like nothing changed in the intervening 15 years. I want to be in a heaven with people like Chris surrounding me.

A Loving Note to Those Who Know our Friend Chris Beers.

Chris Beers, An Angel Among Men

Words cannot express our appreciation and love my family and I have for Chris and his life.

We are deeply saddened at Chris’s passing. His charitable presence filled the room when he walked into it. He often apologized for being emotionally moved. My family and I found great comfort in that gift of emotion and inspiration. Chris was blessed with this gift to help other brothers and sisters understand God’s emotions and love for each of us. At times Chris might have felt that this gift was a curse. We pray that he will always know how much of blessing it has been to others in their lives. Chris and his gift truly touches the hearts of all those who know him and his family.

Chris also had the ability to help the very least among men to feel important. Through his charitable acts towards my family and I, we know that God still loves us and cares about all of us.

It is our prayer that Chris is experiencing great peace and joy in his new home. Chris helped my family and I with our move to a new home. When I felt sad an alone in the new home he reminded me of all the people that love my family and I. May we always remember to send our love back to Chris and his family.

Thank you Chris (a name just short of a T), for the open expressions of love you have shown to my family and I. Thank you for being the brother we all want to have in our lives. May you live with our brother that holds all the elements in life including that T. May you and your family always feel of God’s love and peace.

Most Sincerely,

David Hansen, Grant Hansen & Dolores Hansen

A Beautiful Soul Has Departed


As I prepare to attend your services, my heart is heavy with sadness of your passing. You were a spirit that we needed most in this world. Your compassion towards others was unparralled, your smile and laugh could make a room full of the saddest of individuals cheer up. I remember going to see Thriller with you and Ian a few years back and how afterwards you had us all laughing so hard we could hardly make the walk back to our cars. A memory that sticks out to me most was the day that you decided to paint your kitchen, I asked if you had spoke to your landlord and your response was " No, but I made it look better than it did so they should like it anyways. If not, well I guess I will be repainting huh!" you said that with the biggest smile I don't think I could stop laughing for awhile. It's been said many times and I will echo the sentiment, you effortlessly touched the lives of those around you, even complete strangers were enriched by your presence. So long my friend and may you be at peace.

Kellen P.

Memories of Chris

I remember Chris when working at the Church Office Building. He was always funny and did great impressions. He was a wonderful young man, he had a wonderful spirit about him. He will be missed greatly. When I heard the news yesterday my heart cried for him and his family. My husband and I got the pleasure of being in the same ward as his parents and they too hold a special part in our hearts. I am so great full that I got to meet Chris and become friends with him. Your family will be in our prayers we are so sorry for your loss.

Amanda Budd

I just wish to keep as simple as this:

Like everyone else, Chris made me feel like I was the most important person in the world. He touched my life and taught me in ways I will always appreciate.

I miss you Chris and until we meet again,
Jonathan Chipman

Friday, March 23, 2012

Chris was a wonderful friend

Chris was a wonderful friend to my brother and I when we lived in Bountiful. He was so fun and always made you feel happier for being around him. He had a great sense of humor and a fantastic laugh. I will always be grateful for the fun times we got to spend with him on trips and excursions.

Shalynn (Edwards) Morgan

Chris will be missed

I am sad to hear of Chris's passing. I was lucky enough to work with him at EFY and loved his fun personality and spirit. I remember his great impressions of President Monson and Elder Perry.

You are in our thoughts and prayers today.

Mark Stringham

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chris was a great example to me...

Chris was a great example to me as we served together at EFY in 1996 at the University of Eastern Kentucky session ‘Living the Legacy’. He was a building coordinator and I was a counselor. I remember that for one of our nightly devotionals I invited Chris to share a lesson and his testimony with the young men in our group. He did many of his Church Leader impressions and also shared a very powerful testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the past few years I have run into Chris on occasion at the Church Office Building or up at the University Hospital. He always had a friendly smile to share and genuinely interested to know how I was doing. I am saddened to hear of his passing but ever grateful for the powerful friendships we create while here on earth. Will miss you Chris!

Gerrit Timmerman

Great Man

I served in an Elder’s Quorum Presidency with Chris, and remember his ability to befriend anyone and everyone. His smile was contagious! He would get to know others, and build others up through sincere compliments. Always willing to serve others. My life is better for knowing Chris Beers.

Lance Lewis

A Memory of Chris

My name is Kim Bown Packer. I was fortunate to know Chris when he was the Institute Council President at SLCC. I don't think any of us who knew him thought of as anything less than a genuine friend to all. It was pretty clear he was a good man. I remember him telling us that he would listen to general conference talks while he was commuting and that made such an impression on me. But my favorite thing about Chis was his impressions of general authorities, President Kimball being the best. He is definitely a talented and good man, and his loss will be felt. Our thoughts are with his family.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hello. I went to school with Chris we had every class together from 10-12 grade. He'll be missed. I was wondering if I can adopt his cats or cat, or even buy one, that's if you cant find a home. I'm sorry for his passing he was to young.

Shon Swenson

My interaction

I was sad to hear the news.

I was a grade higher than Chris in high school, and didn’t really have any interaction with him there until one day he called me – out of the blue – and told me that he had had a dream about me, and that he felt impressed to strike up a friendship. At that time, I knew who he was but hadn’t ever even talked with him. I told him that he was welcome to be my friend, and kind of shrugged it off. I think I was a senior at the time.

He persisted to say “hello” to me at school, and ask how I was, etc. When we both left for our missions, we wrote each other. It was certainly an unusual arrangement for me. Probably not for him, though. Looking back, he was certainly a friendly and genuine individual. I’m sure that if I had spent more time investing in the relationship it would have grown. My loss.

Eric Wright

Chris Beers was without a doubt one of the most amazing, genuine, loving people...

Chris Beers was without a doubt one of the most amazing, genuine, loving people i have ever met or will ever meet in my life. He wasn't just an uncle to me he was a best friend. He would drop whatever it was he had going if you needed his help or he would give up anything if it meant it would help someone else. He never put himself before others, and loved everyone. His smile could brighten any room no matter what the circumstances may have been, and he would make sure that if you were down that his goal was to cheer you up. Chris did so much to help my life i could never say thank you enough He was such an amazing and wonderful example to me of how to want to serve and help others. The Christ like charity that he showed to every person he met was incredible. He was everyones friend, no matter who it was or whether he knew them or not he treated them with true love and compassion that i one day i hope to be able to even come close to. I love you so much Chris, and you are going to be missed deeply by so many people. I love you, you are an amazing uncle, friend and example to me and i will never forget you.

Love, Brandon

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chris was so funny...

Chris was so funny and brought a smile to my face each time I was with him. Each time I smile, I will think of him, and the happiness he brought into my life.

Becky Bouvang

Gone but never forgotten

Well I guess I can speak for most in saying the thing that I remember most is that wounderful smile. He had a gift for making all of those around him smile and lifted up. I can never remember a time that I seen chris that he wasnt full of life acompanied by that wounderful smile. with all the love I posess,              

Josh Thomas