Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Beautiful Soul Has Departed


As I prepare to attend your services, my heart is heavy with sadness of your passing. You were a spirit that we needed most in this world. Your compassion towards others was unparralled, your smile and laugh could make a room full of the saddest of individuals cheer up. I remember going to see Thriller with you and Ian a few years back and how afterwards you had us all laughing so hard we could hardly make the walk back to our cars. A memory that sticks out to me most was the day that you decided to paint your kitchen, I asked if you had spoke to your landlord and your response was " No, but I made it look better than it did so they should like it anyways. If not, well I guess I will be repainting huh!" you said that with the biggest smile I don't think I could stop laughing for awhile. It's been said many times and I will echo the sentiment, you effortlessly touched the lives of those around you, even complete strangers were enriched by your presence. So long my friend and may you be at peace.

Kellen P.

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