Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Inspiration

My family met Chris at the Church Office Buildings eight years ago, and we all shared stories of our international travels and of Texas, us having just moved from there and he served his mission there. He took special interest in my blood disorder, and when I personally connected with him years later, it was the first thing he asked about, stating he had thought about it often and was concerned. I was always impressed how mindful he was with others and their needs, always willing to help, wanting to help—a true helper in willing service of others.

Something my family always remembers him by is the sketch of Joseph Smith he gave us that has hung above our piano for seven years.

I was always grateful for his friendship and for his openness to discuss anything, no matter how personal. He was always encouraging of my creative pursuits and, in turn, served as inspiration for many of my projects. He became my dearest friend, as he knew what it meant to be a true friend. He truly changed my life, having often looked to him as an example.

He will be greatly missed by many, as I know his circle of influence was great. Till we meet again, Chris, thank you.

Jonathan Inman

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