Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Loving Note to Those Who Know our Friend Chris Beers.

Chris Beers, An Angel Among Men

Words cannot express our appreciation and love my family and I have for Chris and his life.

We are deeply saddened at Chris’s passing. His charitable presence filled the room when he walked into it. He often apologized for being emotionally moved. My family and I found great comfort in that gift of emotion and inspiration. Chris was blessed with this gift to help other brothers and sisters understand God’s emotions and love for each of us. At times Chris might have felt that this gift was a curse. We pray that he will always know how much of blessing it has been to others in their lives. Chris and his gift truly touches the hearts of all those who know him and his family.

Chris also had the ability to help the very least among men to feel important. Through his charitable acts towards my family and I, we know that God still loves us and cares about all of us.

It is our prayer that Chris is experiencing great peace and joy in his new home. Chris helped my family and I with our move to a new home. When I felt sad an alone in the new home he reminded me of all the people that love my family and I. May we always remember to send our love back to Chris and his family.

Thank you Chris (a name just short of a T), for the open expressions of love you have shown to my family and I. Thank you for being the brother we all want to have in our lives. May you live with our brother that holds all the elements in life including that T. May you and your family always feel of God’s love and peace.

Most Sincerely,

David Hansen, Grant Hansen & Dolores Hansen

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