Monday, March 26, 2012

Message for memorial blog

I first met Chris about 22 years ago when the two of us worked together in Exploring. We had a great time planning events and training other Explorer Scouts on how to be successful leaders. We became immediate friends. We took that friendship beyond Scouting and spent a lot of time together.

I count Chris as one of my dearest and most sincere friends. He was like a brother to me and my siblings and another son to my parents.

When I heard of the passing of Chris this week, I couldn't help but become emotional. I valued his friendship, his example of service, his love of all men, and his testimony of Jesus Christ.

I'm thankful to my "little buddy" for all that he did to help me be a better person. Our family will miss Chris. Our thoughts are with the Beers family during this difficult time. May the Lord bless you.

Bryan Packer

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