Sunday, April 29, 2012

6 weeks ago today we lost our dear Chris.  Hardly a moment has gone by since then that some memory or thought of Chris has not come to mind.  He was so much a part of all our lives, and I know it will continue to be that way even though he is not with us on this earth.  As his brother, each week I would like to post a picture and a memory of Chris. I know I will never forget his awesome smile and the amazing person he was.  This is just one way I can continue to honor him and remember what a great example he was to me.  Any of you are invited to do the same.  I plan on this blog being around for as long as computers and the internet are around.  If something about Chris come to mind or a special experience you think of, please feel welcome to add it to the blog. Chris would want us to keep smiling, as he always did.  I love you bro!   Willey

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