Monday, April 2, 2012

Chris Beers

As I was listening to General Conference thoughts of Chris came to my mind and I was prompted to write this short note to you that loved him most.
I was inexplicably drawn to Chris's service. He was a good kid but I did not know him very well. In all honesty I came more to support Carry and still even though I went with Carry to Senior Ball I do not know him extremely well either. The service was beautiful and touching and left me wishing I had gotten to know Chris better and with the determination to be more like him. During the service it was mentioned that Chris studied with passion the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith and was told to pattern his life after Josephs. This is what I thought of during Conference and then the reason for changing all my Sat. plans and driving for and hour so I could be at the service was clear. Chris needed a representative of Joseph Smith's lineage to bear witness of the wonderful and amazing man Chris is and the struggle he was faced with during his lifetime. I've never felt like this before and possibly never will again but I want you to know that someone from Joseph Smiths lineage was there that day. Joseph was my 4th great uncle, Hyrum Smith was my 4th great grandfather through his first wife Jerusha and daughter Lovina.
I feel privileged to have been able to rub shoulders with such an amazing person even for such a short time.

Rebecca Reese Telford

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