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From the Deseret News Guestbook:

March 30, 2012
To the Beers Family,

I was both shocked and saddened to read of the untimely passing of Chris. I first met him at the LDS Church Office Building in 1989 when I would pass his counter on my way to the 14th floor lunchroom. I noticed a rare plant behind his desk, named the "lipstick" plant (when blooming, resembles a tube of lipstick swiveled upwards) which I fell in love with. He let me tend the plant for him while his area changed locations, but I soon made sure I had one of my own, even bought one for my home.
Chris was so nice and friendly and had that gorgeous flashing smile for everyone. He was always so well groomed and dressed impeckably everytime you saw him. Even though we worked in different departments, we passed in hallways and the cafeteria. What a great guy he was, I am almost twice his age and recognize his many sterling qualities. You must be so proud of Chris, his life and the way he conducted himself. Blessings to all of his wonderful family.

Ann Gustafson
Former Family History Employee
Ann Gustafson, Tremonton, Utah

March 29, 2012
Dear Family of Chris Beers,
I am sorry for your loss of Chris. He met a smile with a smile and a laugh with a laugh. I am almost twice his age, but he is a friend to everyone and is known at the University Hospital for his graciousness.
David Kamerath, Salt Lake City, Utah

March 28, 2012
Dear Brother and Sister Beers,

I am so sorry for the passing of your son. Although I do not remember meeting him when we lived in WX 4th Ward for a short time in 1999 to 2000, he sounds like a wonderful and caring friend and son. I remember what wonderful and kind people you were. My heart goes out to you and your family. May the Lord bless you all with comfort, peace, and strength.
With love,
Gretchen Beers Becker
Gretchen Becker, Bountiful, Utah

March 28, 2012
I was saddened to hear about Chris's passing away so young. He was a hard worker and trusted employee at Church Travel. I live in St. George and will regretfully not be able to attend his service. I pray for those who have lost a dear friend. Cal Smoot

March 27, 2012
Chris was a delight to work with. He was always so cheerful and outgoing. He helped me many times in Church travel. He had such an excitement over seeing the world. My condolences to all his family.

Steven Neilsen,
Salt Lake City, Utah

March 26, 2012
Appreciated working with Chris when he was in Church Travel. He was always so pleasant and helpful. Sincere condolences to his family.

Dion Wall,
Salt Lake City, Utah

March 26, 2012
I was greatly saddened to hear of Chris' passing. He assisted me several times with travel matters at the Church Office Building. Chris was top notch in his duties at work a joy to associated with. Though I only knew him through these brief work experiences, I felt of his goodness. My deepest condolences go out to his near and dear ones. Thank you Chris for sharing part of your goodness with me in your travels through this life. Your presence is already missed.

Jim Berlin,
Latyon, Utah

March 25, 2012
I first met Chris about 22 years ago when the two of us worked together in Exploring. We had a great time planning events and training other Explorer Scouts on how to be successful leaders. We became immediate friends. We took that friendship beyond Scouting and spent a lot of time together.

I count Chris as one of my dearest and most sincere friends. He was like a brother to me and my siblings and another son to my parents.

When I heard of the passing of Chris this week, I couldn't help but become emotional. I valued his friendship, his example of service, his love of all men, and his testimony of Jesus Christ.

I'm thankful to my "little buddy" for all that he did to help me be a better person. Our family will miss Chris. Our thoughts are with the Beers family during this difficult time. May the Lord bless you.

Bryan Packer,
Herriman, Utah

March 25, 2012
Derin & Lindsy Burningham
Layton, Utah

March 25, 2012
Chris is absolutely amazing. I remember the first time I met him and his huge smile and warm greeting. I was fortunate to work with him at EFY and saw him touch the lives of many people, including my own. What a wonderful person he is and I am so grateful to have known him. The hymn that keeps coming to my mind as I think about Chris is hymn 293, "Each Life That Touches Ours for Good". Chris definitely helped me feel of the love of the Savior and brought me closer to him.

Gordon Mills,
Mobile, Alabama

March 24, 2012
I was shocked to hear that Chris passed away upon my return from vacation. I will miss not saying good morning to Chris.. He did a great job and always did it with a smile. He was well respected by his co-workers and he made a difference with the patients he touched. My thoughts and prayers are with all of his family.

Sherrie Woodmancy,
Midvale, Utah

March 24, 2012
So Sad to hear of the loss of such a shining soul - hopefully he is in a better place but nothing will replace his presence here - Little Rainbow Comics

Robert Paul,
Los Angeles, California

March 24, 2012
Dear Beers family. I, too, loved your son and am so saddened to hear of his passing. I loved working with him in Church Travel and know he will be missed by all who associated with him.

Margaret Sales,
Salt Lake City, Utah

March 24, 2012
Uta , Wayne, And Family,

Sorry to read about Chris. It's always hard to express to family about their loss. Unable to be to the Services and I express my love to you and yours. Our families are the most important aspect of our earthly lives. May our Father in Heaven be with you and all the family.

LaMar Smith,
Layton, Utah

March 24, 2012
It's 11am Saturday 24th March 2011, here in my beautiful City of Exeter,Devon,England.The sun pours it's warmth down on us,just like Chris poured his warm love over us,through that beautiful beaming smile of his.As i walk towards the Cathedral, suddenly,the air is alive,the Exeter Musical Society bursts into songs from The Sound of Music.."Hoe Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria",with that line which so suited Chris..."How do you hold a monnbeam in your hand"....followed by "Climb Ev'ry Mountain......Til You Find Your Dream"...Chris you have now climbed your final mountain,and ascended to Heaven,and are smiling down on us today, and for evermore...God Bless, til we meet again!

Peter Gale,
Exeter England

March 23, 2012
We were shocked to hear of Chris' passing and want to extend our deepest condolences to his family. I had the opportunity of getting to know and love Chris when we worked together in Exploring at the training courses at the Teton High Adventure Base in the early '90's.
My wife and I, along with our sons Bryan and Spencer and daughter Melissa became good friends and came to love Chris a great deal. He was always happy and willing to serve others. He visited our home often and was always welcome.
The Packer family is grieving with you, and will always cherish our memories of Chris. We pray that the comfort or our Heavenly Father will be with you in abundance at this time

Randy and Sharon Packer and family

Randy Packer,
Murray, Utah

March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012
beers family and friends, we loved so, so much chris, this is a very hard time for all of us, but God is the only one who can give us calm, nobody will replace the love chris gave to us,he was a very important person for our family. we must think about all the special moments we had together, cause that was chris, happiness, and pure love.

Federico Corredor,
Cali, Colombia

March 23, 2012
Chris was a good Friend and great man. He was a shining example and a joy to be around. We'll miss him.
Aaron Boyd,
Penang, Malaysia

March 23, 2012
So sad to hear about this. My condolences to the family and all who knew Chris. He was an EFY counselor with my husband and I. He always knew how to brighten the room with his presence. He will be missed.

Cristina Miller,
Salt Lake City, Utah

March 23, 2012
Wayne, Uta and the Beers family,
We are so sorry to read of the passing of your son, brother, and grandson. Chris is a little older than the Kieffer kids but was always so kind to Ken Jr while on hunting trips. We truly love the Beers family even though it has been years since we have lived in the same ward.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time. May the Lord bless you with the great memories of Chris and know of his great love for each of you.
Love, Mary Lue Kieffer and family

March 23, 2012
I'm not able to express in words the heartache I feel knowing that my good friend and example has passed away. Chris was the leader of the guys that grew up on 550 West. We all looked to him as a perfect friend, always having a positive influence and helping us to become better individuals. I have never know anyone to have as many friends as Chris has. He had a gift to make everyone he came in contact with feel important and loved. His influence will be felt forever. The memory of Chris will live on to help all of us strive to become kinder and more like Christ.

May the countless thoughts and prayers for the Beers family be comforting during this time of sadness. We will miss Chris' smiling face and energetic personality, but we will feel his spirit as it lives on and we will see him again after this life.

Craig and Melissa Erickson,
Eagle Mountain, Utah

March 22, 2012
Beers family, I am very sorry for your loss. Chris will be greatly missed, he was always very kind to me. From talking Jazz basketball back in high school or when I would see him up at the university hospital while I was working on the elevators he was always great to be around. May God bless you.

Paul Wykstra,
Layton, Utah

March 22, 2012
I never read the obituaries. But today it was sitting in the break room at my work. I knew Chris from his visits to my store at the Mall. He would just drop in and say hello. I'm so sad. He was always smiling and happy. I loved his genuine kindness that he showed. I don't know his family but I'm praying for their comfort.

Salt Lake, Utah

March 22, 2012
Our condolences go out to your family at this difficult time. Chris was such an amazing, kind person. His smile always was contagious and lit up a room. He will be greatly missed. Our prayers are with your family.

Sara Dowdle-Smith,
Houston, Texas

March 22, 2012
Dear Beers family,

Please accept our heartfelt condolences concerning the passing away of Chris.

Chris lived the life worth living, as an exemplar servant of the Lord. Chris will be greatly missed by many people.

May the Lord's blessings of comforting solace, continual peace, and abiding love sustain your family members during this difficult time of mourning. May your family walk the path of bereavement with an enduring eternal perspective of the happy family reunion to come in a far brighter place.


Clyde and Amelia Triptow

Clyde Triptow,
Sandy City, Utah

March 22, 2012
Chris you were a great person. I value
my time working with you at the hospital.
Have a great journey.

Jeffrey Johnson,
Midvale, Utah

March 22, 2012
sorry for your lose. i remember Chris as a great young man in school at woods cross high. i was his teacher and he was a great young man. our wishes go out to his family. my god be with you and we know we will see him again. Mr. and Mrs. Kent Staheli Woods Cross high school teacher and FFA advisor.

kent staheli,
layton, Utah

March 22, 2012
We love being neighbors to the Beers. We watched their family grow up. Our children's childhood memories are intertwined with the Beers' children. Chris was a special person to our family. We love him for his kindness and gentleness. We will miss his smile and happy greetings. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Brent and LeeAnn Cleverly and Family,
Woods Cross, Utah

March 22, 2012
Wayne, Uta and family. You are in our thoughts and in our prayers. Chris was an amazing youg man and touched the lives of so many. We wish we had known him. We know Heavenly Father is holding Chrs lovingly in His arms and has His arms wrapped tightly around you and your family.

Vikki & Paul Kelly,
Salt Lake City, Utah

March 22, 2012
Beers Family, my heart is breaking for you all. May you find peace in knowing Chris is free from any trials he found challenging on earth. Chris, you are loved, thank you for making many days bright with your smile & generousity. My love & prayers to you. God Speed.

Laura Passey & Carter Crew,
Chandler, Arizona

March 22, 2012
We are so sorry to hear of your loss. May your memories bring you joy and may the Lord's comfort fully embrace you at this difficult time. Please know we send our love. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

Elder & Sister Bob Peters
Vernon, Texas

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