Saturday, April 7, 2012

From the Russon Brothers Guestbook

Shelly Dueri
Dear Family of Chris Beers,
My heart hurts for you!! What a beautiful tribute you wrote to your son, brother and friend. He was a wonderful person and I truly loved being around him. We went to the same singles ward in Bountiful before I got married. He always made me laugh; was a hit at one of our singles activities - I think it was a talent night and he entertained us with several impressions. He was truly a talented, gifted person and sure miss him!! I pray that your hearts may be healed and that you may be touched by the sweet love and peace from our Savior, Jesus Christ!!

Shelly Dueri

Brian Oltman
It is hard to know what to say at this difficult time - you are in my thoughts and prayers as you grieve the death of someone so special!

Jonathan Chipman
Chris and I became great friends at a Tennessee EFY around 1997, and our friendship continued on. Despite not being in touch greatly over the years, I've always considered him amongst my best friends. It was one of my greatest pleasures for him to meet and have lunch with my parents, sister, and I.

I send my heartfelt sympathies especially to the Beers family. I send my sympathies also to the countless others who, like me, feel a never-ending sense of appreciation and love to such a great friend.

Sincerely, Jonathan Chipman

Ian Danner
Dear Chris, words cannot express the realm of emotions I feel at the moment. On one hand, I miss you dearly. You were the beaming light of my life always encouraging me to be more loving and compassionate. On the other hand, I'm happy that you were able to move on away from the "pains" of this world. You were ah-ah AMAZING! I feel honored to have spoken with so many people who were touched by you. Without you, I don't think I'll ever be the same, but I know you'll be watching and guiding me from above just as you did down here on this Earth. It's nothing short of a miracle that we met and I hope that you and Jade will welcome me with open arms when the time comes to make my journey back home. I knew you better than anyone else and have seen the impact you have had on people and am thankful everyday for the cherished memories we had together. Take care My Boy!

Kerry Ross Boren & Lisa Lee Boren
Chris was our neighbor during the past few years, and he became our dear friend. We are reclusive by nature, but it was impossible not to become acquainted with Chris. His infectious smile made it so natural to be his friend. We came to love both Chris and Ian. We shared a common love for cats with Chris, among other things. Chris was not simply a good neighbor, he was a good friend and he will be sorely missed. Our tears now wash the footprints where Chris once walked, but we are reminded that the cracks in a broken hearts is where the sun shines through. Chris would understand that.

Brad Elmore
My deepest sympathy to Chris's family. I read his story and it is heartbreaking. God loves all of his children. I am so saddened at your loss. May God comfort and hold you close.

Darrell and Barbara Foote
We served with Chris in the Texas Fort Worth Mission. As his mission president, I particularly appreciated his standard of excellence. He was a dedicated, spiritual missionary. He loved, and was loved by all who knew him, church members and non-members.

We will always remember Chris as a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

John Haning (Coach)
Chris was the best manager back in the day at Woods Cross. He was one of the happiest kids I have known. I am so sorry for your loss! He was such a great person and friend.

Mark & Janet Short
We wish to extend to you our love and prayers. May the comforting arms of the Savior embrace you at this time and may His love bless you and your family.

Andrés Vergara Acevedo
Mis más sentido surtimientos de amor hacia nuestro hermano Chris Wayne Beers.
Qué la misericordia de Nuestro redentor estén contigo...
nuestras Oraciones de tus hermanos de Chile!

Susan Cheatham
I had the honor of getting to know Chris and his wonderful family when we lived in their ward in the mid to late 90s. what a wonderful family! may your memories of him and your knowledge of the plan of salvation carry you through this! Hugs and prayers to your family!
Susan Cheatham

michele dransfield
Chris, you brought happiness to everyone who knew you. Your loving bright smile will be forever in our hearts. What an example of Christ like loved you shared with all of us. We are honored to have been your friend. You have touched the hearts of so many people, well done. Love you,
w Michele Dransfield

Clyde Allan Triptow
Dear Beers family,

Please accept our heartfelt condolences concerning the passing away of Chris.

Chris lived the life worth living, as an exemplar servant of the Lord. Chris will be greatly missed by many people.

May the Lord's blessings of comforting solace, continual peace, and abiding love sustain your family members during this difficult time of mourning. May your family walk the path of bereavement with an enduring eternal perspective of the happy family reunion to come in a far brighter place.


Clyde and Amelia Triptow

Cindy Young Jacobson
I was so sad to hear the news of Chris passing heart goes out to his family, they are WONDERFUL people and they raised a wonderful young man, it was way too soon for him to go. Chris always had a smile on his face and was one of the happiest people I remember from our high school/growing up days....may his family be comforted at this time.

Laura Passey
Uncle Wayne, Uta & family, My tears flow freely as I share in your great loss. Be proud of this beautiful man you raised. Your did well. A genuine angel. Chris, thank you for your smile, your laugh, your sunshine. I am heart broken, you were heart broken. We love you, rest in peace. Give Jeff a high five for me! Hugs....
Daniel Caycho
I was so grateful to come to know him and from the very first moment we met he shared with me that smile that was so characteristic of him. His love and compassion for everyone who knew him will be a remembrance of him and always be alive in our hearts. He was a truly example of love and kindness and because of him I came to understand better the meaning of Jesus Christ for all of us. My heart and prayers ares with him and his family at this time.

Rick Bickmore
Although I only met Chris a couple of Weeks ago, I already knew from Ian what an amazing person he is. I wish I'd had more time to get to know him in this life, but I'm grateful for the brief time I had, and I look forward to getting to know him much better through Ian and his other friends here, and when we meet again in the next life.

Jeremy Botelho
Chris had and infectious laugh. I don't think I ever remember him not smiling and laughing, except when he was bearing his testimony of the gospel and of the savior. I look forward to seeing that smile again someday. Until then he'll be missed by many.

Cristin Terasa
I went to school with the twins and remember their smiles and glow they brought to the halls. I am saddened by the loss of Chris at such a young age. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time! Sincerely Cristin Terasa, Las Vegas, NV

Nicole Checketts
I worked with Chris at the Church Office Building for several years. He was so accepting of everyone and was a joy to be around. His fun-loving attitude, smile, and humor were contagious. He was extremely talented and had an eye for the beautiful. He framed several pictures in my home. Now, they will be all the more special to me. When I see them, I will lovingly remember him and the great person he is. May his family take comfort in the exceptional life he led and the numerous lives he touched. He will always stand as an example of Christ-like love and compassion. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

dave keller
this has been the hardest time since ur loss, U are the world to me. I loved being around u. I hope there will be a lagoon in heaven I love you as a friend lots of tears

Dave Keller

Marla Wood
My deepest sympathy and most sincere prayers are extended in behalf of your family. I love the way everyone in your family reaches out to make others feel important. I just keep thinking of Chris' energy and friendly nature. He was always so friendly and made sure to make his rounds to acknowledge every family member that attended Larisch Family Parties.

I pray that Heavenly Father will send you strength and comfort as He and His Son carry you through this hard time. I imagine Christ holding Chris in His comforting arms. I love your family.

Connie Gough
I first met Chris at the Church offices, when he worked in Travel. He was like a ray of sunshine and always had a genuine smile and a greeting that brought you into his amazingly large circle of friends. I loved looking at the pictures taken on his trips. I am so truly sorry for your loss, President George Albert Smith said..."I mourn with you but also congratulate you that you have had the companionship of this wonderful person ...and that it will continue through the eternities." May you be comforted and blessed. Sincerely Connie Gough

Marc Evans
I am deeply saddened of hearing of your loss. Chris was that smiling little kid I remember laughing and up to mischief with my little brother. Rest in peace my dear friend and know that you will not be forgotten you touched many lives and I am a better person for having known you. My thoughts are with you all my extended family of neighbors Mr. & Mrs Beers as well as Debbie, Kim and Carey. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Give Jeff a hug and sing those Beach Boy songs loud.

Kevin van Uitert
Chris you are a great man and will be missed. I imagine you are now with Jeff riding down the street together with the siren blaring.
Pamela Tullis
Wayne and Uta,

We are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.

Love, Jay and Pamela Tullis

peter gale
God Bless you, were a good man.....the kindest and sweetest guy i have ever known...your tormented body is now at peace with the World,and your Soul sits at St Peter's right hand side...xoxo

An excellent person and a great friend. I'm a better person because of you and your family.

Rest in peace, my friend.

You will be dearly missed and always in my thoughts. I am so happy that I got to know you and become friends. I learned a lot about life from you and the stories you could tell. I love you Chris.

LaDuska Barrett
Chris was a good friend, and will be missed. I loved his smile, and he always made me feel loved. RIP my friend.

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