Monday, May 28, 2012

Master Photograhpher

Chris was talented in so many ways.  He not only had these talents but he sought for opportunities to develop and share them with others.  Photography was no exception.  Whenever there was an event you could expect Chris to have  his camera with him.  I was reminded of this as I transferred thousands of his pictures to my computer last month.  He had that God given ability to make people smile and that was clearly evident as I've looked at the expressions on the faces of those he took pictures of.  He even won a national award for an amazing shot of our neighbor water-skiing.

He enjoyed taking pictures of friends, family, his casts and the places he visited.  Every year I could plan on Chris sending me an email of pictures of his flowers in the yard, or his hanging baskets outside his apartment. So on this Memorial Day I thought it only fitting to include a picture Chris took of some beautiful spring flowers.

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