Monday, May 21, 2012

The Spirit of Adventure

All who knew Chris, knew that he loved to go places and do things.  As I've been looking through his pictures I can't believe all the places that he went.  Chris had connections and friends all over the world, so he always had an excuse to go somewhere new.  Whether it was Europe, India, Africa, South America, the West Indies, Israel or somewhere in the US. Sometimes he wouldn't tell his family about what he was planning next probably because we may have tried to talk him out of it.  I remember one time he just showed up with pictures and a video of him skydiving.  He probably enjoyed seeing how shocked we all were.

The above picture was taken while we were sled riding down the world's longest sled run in the Swiss Alps.  People must of thought, "look at those crazy Americans."  That didn't matter, we still had a great time.  So Chris, here's to adventure!

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