Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pure Love for all! That is how I would describe Chris. This picture is a perfect example of this. This picture was taken shortly after he got Cheetah. It shows how much he loved Cheetah and all of God's creations.

 It has truly been a challenging 3 months since Chris passed away for all of those who loved him. He had such a way of making you feel loved and that you were very important to him. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about Chris & wish to receive one of his amazing hugs & to tell him that I love him. What a wonderful brother he was to me and an amazing Uncle he was to my children. He is still thought about & prayed for everyday in our home. We know that he is progressing & finding that love & joy that he so willingly gave to all those he met here on this earth. I know he is being surrounded by many loved ones who are giving him the love and support he needs at this time. I have no doubt that his big brother Jeff was there to greet him and and they had an amazing reunion. I have challenged myself that each day of my life I will try to be more like Chris & be more Christlike to all. To try to lift anothers burden and make a difference in the lives of family as well as those many who are strangers to me that may just need to know that someone does care about them. Chris truly was blessed with this Christlike gift and all those who knew him felt of his continuous love and concern he had for them.

In memory and honor of Chris I challenge everyone each day to be a little more kinder to each other. Little acts of kindness can bring about Big miracles!

I love you forever Chris & very grateful for your Christlike love you always gave to me.


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